Years 1 and 2


Autumn term 2019

Why was the Great Fire of London so damaging?

Great Fire of London Y1/2 curriculum newsletter 1 

Great Fire of London Y1/2 curriculum newsletter 2

During the Autumn term, Year 1 and 2 will be learning all about ‘The Great fire of London’ which started in 1666. To begin with, we will explore modern London and the famous landmarks which can be seen today. Have you been to London before? The Great Fire spread throughout the streets of London quickly, but why? How did it start? How long did it last? We will also explore the well-known ‘Samuel Pepys’ and his famous diary – I wonder why we will hear about cheese in his diaries? We will develop our skills as historians, using different historical sources of information to delve into the past. Lots of lessons can be learnt from the great fire, including the importance of safety in so many different ways. We will visit the local fire station and learn how to keep safe. We will also have a visit from an interactive historian who will bring the Great Fire to life!

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