Values Intent Statement:

At St Peter at Gowts, our values curriculum is inspiring and creative unlocking potential in all. Our curriculum seeks to ensure that all pupils flourish through challenge, support and a broad and balanced curriculum rooted in shared values and consistently high expectations while striving for excellence.

St Peter’s values curriculum is fashioned through our golden threads of values, inspiration, excellence and community.

At St Peters we believe that strong Christian Values are central to everything we do in school. As shared in our Christian Vision we want to inspire a community of hope and our success are built on the foundation of our shared values. We want the children at St Peters to learn about each value based in biblical teaching and then using what they have learnt to impact their own lives, the lives of their family and friends and the wider community too. We want the values to impact on the whole school community including staff, parents and anyone who comes into contact with our school. As our children leave this school we want them to have a strong set of values at their core which will enable them to make a difference to the world around them and enable them to unlock their full potential


Values – Our values curriculum has been written and developed to ensure that the values are first rooted in biblical teaching and lead children to think about how they can inspire and impact the community. The children build on prior knowledge and develop a deeper understanding, learning to debate and explore questions using the philosophy for children approach. The curriculum allows the children to reach their full potential with high expectations and a focus on community.

Inspirational – Our inspiring values curriculum constantly challenges the children to develop their understanding of the value and how they can impact the world around them. Social action projects are encouraged with an emphasis on child led ideas and projects thinking about local and wider communities.

Community – Our values curriculum leads the children to think about the school community, local community and then the wider community and how they can use what they have learnt to impact the world around them.

Excellence-  Our cohesively planned values curriculum allows all children to think about how they can make a difference in the world and encourages them to think deeper and understand others view points.


Values implementation:

Our Values curriculum is implemented through bible based knowledge and teaching that then develops the children into thinking about how they can show the value themselves, in the school, local and wider community.

  • Values are taught on a two year rotation cycle. Lessons are linked to the collective worships and values are also caught in ‘action’ over the term.
  • As children revisit the values every two years they build on prior knowledge and develop deeper thinking skills using new bible stories and developing skills using the philosophy for children approach.
  • Teachers plan a sequential journey of learning using the curriculum but begin by assessing what the children already know about the value so they can develop their ideas leading to deeper thinking with high expectations.
  • The values folders will reflect the learning journey in the classroom and also ‘values in action’ as we expect children’s behaviour and actions to be impacted across all areas of the school as an impact of values teaching.
  • The values displays will also show some of the deeper thinking skills and celebrate values in action as well as having the class’s bible verses and stories as a starting point for each value.
  • Teachers can use evidence of ‘values in action’ as well as the values folders to show the impact of values teaching.

Values impact:

As our children transition to secondary school, our aspirations for our pupils is that they will have developed a very strong set of core values that are rooted in Biblical teaching. Their thoughts, behaviours and actions will be driven by these values and they will actively want to make an impact for good on the world around them. The values taught at St Peters will be the golden thread that runs through their lives as they grow into adults who continue to unlock their full potential in all that they do.

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