Physical Education intent statement:

PE is an essential part of our broad and balanced curriculum where we focus on embellishing a love of sport and the valuable life lessons that children can learn. We believe an emphasis on sport stimulates the growth of brain-cells; boosts immune systems’ and puts our children in a position where they are ready to learn. Our rich PE curriculum flows intrinsically alongside our value based learning; helping children to manage pressure; teaching the significance of teamwork; learning from failure and the importance of hard work. Sport teaches our children to never give up – yes you can! It’s our vision to help facilitate physical activity as part of our families’ routine – engaging fun activities together, promoting physical activity from a young age.

Physical Education implementation:

Our rich PE curriculum is designed using the scheme ‘real PE’ which gives children the physical literacy, emotional and thinking skills to achieve in PE, Sport and life.

  • Long term planning in y3-y6 follows our structured competition calendar of events and runs intrinsically with our after-school sport provision.
  • Medium term plans build upon existing skills; develop and refine techniques in a range of games.
  • All lessons build knowledge and depth of understanding through minimal teacher talk; skill practice and challenge – the emphasis is on learning by ‘doing’ and for children to set their own ‘personal challenges’ reflecting our child-centred approach. Lessons follow a clear ‘skills ladder’ indicating the next small step in the development and application of a skill.
  • A step-by-step approach is used so children can firstly understand the task, then apply and execute in a game. Children are used as ‘experts’ to demonstrate key skills and examples of good skill development.
  • It is recognised that for most children to increase their level of skill they will need to repeat the skill and practise many times and embed it through making links between different skills and techniques. Vocabulary plays an important part in explanations and demonstrations of skills.
  • Practice is pitched with suitable scaffolds based on assessment for learning, ensuring individuals are stretched and challenged to appropriate levels.
  • Teachers & peers provide instant feedback, identify misconceptions and move learners on where necessary.
  • Enrichment opportunities are abundant for the children of St Peter’s, with a variety of sporting clubs after school as well as a busy sporting competition calendar throughout the year. Children who show strengths in different sporting areas have the opportunity across school to attend a range of competitions and development days. Some specifically tailored opportunities and competitions are created to attract less active children to participate in physical activity with their positive ‘yes you can!’ attitude.
  • During St Peter’s annual ‘sports week’ children are inspired by a variety of sports persons from both the Olympic and para-Olympic communities, reflecting our beliefs that anyone can achieve and be successful with a little bit of determination!
  • Our school values and those of sportsmanship also play a fundamental role in all areas of our school sporting life.
  • Our include PE curriculum is aligned with the School Games offer and continues to raise the profile of PE across the whole school.

Physical Education impact: 

As a year 6 sports person, transitioning to secondary school, we aspire that pupils will have the knowledge and lifelong skills they need to choose to be physically active and to have a nutritious diet outside of school. Having participated in a variety of different sports and fundamental skill developments, children will possess a variety of skills which they use in different ways and link them to making actions and sequences of movement and an ability to evaluate, improve and celebrate their own successes. Children will demonstrate a resilience during sporting activities and demonstrate great sportsmanship towards all competitors.

Physical Education LTP


PQSM Silver Award 2018 has been awarded to St Peter at Gowts School.
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