Trips and visitors

At St Peter’s, we strongly value the importance that trips and visitors play in our learning and life experiences. The enrichment opportunities that our children experience across the curriculum allow children to create ‘memory hooks’ to new and sometimes unfamiliar areas of learning as well as helping to build and develop pre-existing links between topics. As well as opportunities to support learning within the classroom, we pride ourselves in offering enrichment opportunities across all areas of our curriculum, whether it be experiencing new cities and cultures on residential visits such as those to London or on International School visits to Poland, or the opportunity to fundraise for causes dear to our hearts reflecting our strong school values. Awe and wonder continues to inspire our children and empower our community through themed weeks throughout the academic year. These include:

– Aspirations Week where members of the local community who work in different employment areas such as photography, engineering, music production and the RAF inspired our children to have high aspirations for what their future careers may hold. (February 2020)

– Annual Sports Week where sporting ambassadors have visited our school to provide sporting workshops in more unique sports such as Boccia and BMX-biking as well as Olympic and para-Olympic sports persons providing motivational and inspirational talks to inspire all to achieve.

– Eco Arts week where environmental researchers shared the increasingly worrying messages about the damage humans are doing to our planet and all that lives within it. This inspired all classes to produce a variety of eco-art inspired pieces to be displayed within our ‘Eco exhibition’ which the local community were invited too. (May 2019)

– Writing and science week where scientific and writing skills were put to the test to explore the role of science within CSI and how clues and evidence with a mathematical focus are used to solve a problem! (January 2018)

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