Art and Design

Art and Design intent statement:

The teaching of Art and Design provides a valuable educational, as well as social and cultural experiences for children of all ages. Art stimulates creativity and imagination and enables pupils to develop the capacity to formulate and communicate ideas and feelings. We have designed a skills led Art and Design curriculum that focuses on teaching pupils a wide range of art skills (including drawing and mark making, working with colour, collage and textiles, printing and sculpture) and giving them the time to explore and develop these skills so they are able to make use of them in their own artwork. The curriculum is accessible to all, includes a wide range of enrichment opportunities and ensures that all our pupils can make progress and develop their understanding and love of art.

Art and Design implementation:

Our Art and Design curriculum is implemented through a skill based cross-curricular approach to engage and immerse our children within topics which they may have limited experience of.

  • The Art and Design long-term plan has been developed to ensure that art skills link well with the class themes each term and ensure a good coverage of skills over each phase of education.
  • The Art and Design skills progression document clearly identifies the specific skills to be taught in each year group and the progression within each art skill.
  • Medium term plans are created by phase teams to build the expected skills and knowledge into logical sequence of learning, building on previous skills and linking knowledge in the sequence.
  • In KS1 and KS2 short term planning is developed from the medium-term plan and takes the form of producing a SMART to help with the delivery of the lesson.
  • Lessons incorporate the study of known artists and works of art.
  • Work is pitched and scaffolded to enable individuals to be stretched and challenged.
  • Pupils are given feedback during lessons to support them in developing their work further.
  • In the EYFS art activities are planned as part of adult led learning when introducing new skills and linked provision is planned within learning through play to ensure pupils have opportunities to explore and practise these skills independently.
  • Pupil’s progress in art is shown in their sketch books. These are used to record learning in art and design lessons and as a record of pupil’s skill development.
  • Assessment of skills happens on a lesson by lesson basis and this information is used to inform future lessons. The art and design skills ladder outlines clear expectations and progression of skills for each year group.
  • Pupils artwork is displayed in classrooms, along with photos or evidence of the processes involved in creating their final pieces.
  • We hold an annual Arts Week that includes a wide range of enrichment opportunities (including visiting artists and trips to local galleries). We hold an art exhibition each year to display and celebrate the artwork produced during our annual arts week. Parents are invited to this exhibition.

Art and Design impact:

As a year 6 artist, transitioning to secondary school, we aspire that pupils will have developed a wide range of art skills and techniques; an appreciation and love for art; know about great artists, craft makers and designers, and understand the historical and cultural development of different artforms.

Art and Design LTP

PQSM Silver Award 2018 has been awarded to St Peter at Gowts School.
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