School Development Plan

Click here to download a copy of the 2018-2019 School Development Plan. 

The key priorities are listed below.

Unlocking life- long learning through challenge, aspiration and inspiration

  • Shared Christian and British values where all members of our diverse community are valued, respected and nurtured
  • Promoting a safe, stimulating and creative learning environment where children love to learn
  • Achieving and celebrating success constantly, raising aspirations for each individual
  • Growing together to unlock potential and achieve overarching excellence


Priority 1: Leadership and Management 

1.1 Vision and values – our ethos and shared vision creates a culture that enables pupils and staff to excel
1.2 A sharp focus on disadvantaged pupils throughout school enables them to make accelerated progress
1.3 Monitoring enables leaders and governors to gain a deep knowledge and use this to maximise their impact
1.4 Our specifically designed curriculum ensures that all pupils experience real and relevant learning experiences
1.5 A culture of effective induction, CPD and PM ensures staff are deeply involved in their own professional development

Priority 2: Teaching, Learning and Assessment

2.1 Accurate and consistent assessment allows rapid identification and catch up for identified pupils
2.2 Children make consistently strong progress in English and Maths – especially GD pupils and those with SEN
2.3 Development of the maths mastery curriculum (textbook, CPA, Big Maths) maximises progress during lesson time
2.4 Writing outcomes are improved through increased extended and guided writing, revisiting Talk For writing principles
2.5 Pupils read widely and often, both in and out of school, with phonics and comprehension outcomes improving across school 2.6 New RE agreed syllabus ensures that RE depth and understanding is developed across the school
2.7 A focus on the arts (Artsmark) ensures children enjoy a rich, broad and balanced curriculum

Priority 3: Behaviour, welfare and Safety

3.1 Children love the challenge of learning and are resilient and eager to improve. They take pride in their work; rewards and sanctions support their behaviour 3.2 Christian Values are the bedrock of the school, impacting the whole school community
3.3 Our Church Schools ethos permeates decision making, ensuring our school is a Christian, caring and thoughtful community
3.4 Children are well informed about how to keep healthy, making good choices about fitness, healthy eating (F4S) and being eco-aware

Priority 4 : EYFS

4.1 The EYFS is a highly stimulating environment, well organised and providing rich, varied and imaginative experiences4.2 Assessment is accurate and based on high quality observations, leading to effective planning
4.3 Children demonstrate curiosity, imagination and concentration when learning and playing
4.4 Leaders use effective strategies to engage parents and carers
4.5 Protocols to ensure children’s health, safety and well-being are implemented consistently and effectively
4.6  EAL children and those with SEN are identified and effective provision ensures accelerated progress is made from their lower starting points, especially in speaking, listening and phonic
PQSM Silver Award 2018 has been awarded to St Peter at Gowts School.
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