School Development Plan

St Peter at Gowts Church of England Primary School 

School Development Plan

September 2017-December 2018


Unlocking life- long learning through challenge, aspiration and inspiration

  • Shared Christian and British values where all members of our diverse community are valued, respected and nurtured
  • Promoting a safe, stimulating and creative learning environment where children love to learn
  • Achieving and celebrating success constantly, raising aspirations for each individual
  • Growing together to unlock potential and achieve overarching excellence


Priority 1:

Leadership and Management

1.1 Strengthen Governance

  • Raise the profile of Governors with stakeholders
  • Establish a Governor Support/Training Programme

1.2 Roles and Responsibilities of all staff (Succession Planning)

  • Build the capacity of Middle and Senior Leadership
  • Develop the role of the School Business Manager


Priority 2:

Teaching and Learning

2.1 Improve writing outcomes

  • Develop opportunities for Greater Depth writing throughout the school
  • Develop a consistent approach to handwriting
  • Staff CPD- improving Writing and Grammar

2.2 Embed and develop phonics programme- Read, Write Inc.

  • Improve the pace of learning (in line with RWI)
  • Ensure the development of Read, Write Inc. into the application of Writing

2.3 Develop mastery approach throughout the curriculum

  • Continue to develop and embed a cross- curricular, skills based thematic approach to all learning
  • Develop investigative opportunities for children throughout the curriculum
  • Improve and identify the number of secure/greater depth learners in other subjects such as RE , Art and Music

2.4 Further improve outcomes and progress in Maths throughout the school

  • Ensure teaching of Times Table is secure throughout the school
  • Improve problem solving throughout the school, extending problem solving to other subjects such as Science

2.5 Improve assessment for learning

  • Improve accountability and tracking through Pupil Progress Meetings
  • Ensure all target groups are identified in core subjects
  • Further support with learning surgeries, interventions and catch-up programmes
  • Continue to improve marking and feedback


Priority 3

Behaviour and Welfare

3.1 Reduce low-level behavior throughout school, including lunchtimes

  • Training for all staff on attachment and other behavioural needs to including MDAs
  • Refine house point system and behaviour policy to incorporate the views of parents and children
  • Develop role of Peer Mediators and Beastly Brilliance

3.2 Reduce number of persistent absentees

  • Further develop role of Parent Support Advisor ( PSA) review attendance and consider further support for any families identified as consistent persistent absentees
  • Implement a class reward system for any classes who achieve more than 98% on a weekly basis

3.3 Introduce new values whilst embedding them into the Christian ethos of the school

  • Understand and apply the 6 new values and how they link to Christianity
  • Refine and implement new Collective Worship timetable and structure


School Development Plan 2017-2018

PQSM Silver Award 2018 has been awarded to St Peter at Gowts School.
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