Year 3

At the moment, we have 31 children in our class (16 girls and 15 boys) and our teacher is Mrs Gough.


Our first topic is going to be ‘What’s on the Menu?’ This will involve looking at food from around the world and how it is made. To kick-start this topic, we have been thinking about what type of food best describes us. Apparently, some of us are like spaghetti, watermelons and chicken wings!

We’re all very excited for the new school year and will keep you updated with the different things we have been learning about.


We had a fantastic ‘Learning to Learn’ week, where we got to know each other through a range of activities. We began the week by writing postcards to the rest of the class to let them know all about our summer holidays. Later on, we took part in three different teamwork games. During our Lava game, we had to work out the best way to move from one side of the hall to the other. There was just one problem, the floor was LAVA! We were given two mats and had to work as a team to figure it out. Luckily, we all survived.


In addition to team games, we have also worked well together to build a new house for the pigs to keep them safe from the Big Bad Wolf (in the form of a hairdryer). We had some fantastic designs- one house was even fully waterproof!


We have also completed maths investigations, made tough decisions for ‘Would you rather…’ questions, have been introduced to our class author (Roald Dahl) and learnt about growth mindset.


We are going to continue to amaze Mrs Gough with our hardworking, positive attitudes and cannot wait to continue to learn in year three.

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