Welcome to Reception class page.

Mrs Cawthra is our teacher and Mrs Pinder, Miss Clifton and Miss Grant also help us to learn. We have lots of fun in Reception and can play indoors or outside. We love to get messy and investigate lots of different things.

At the start of the year, our topic was, ‘Me and My World’. We enjoyed finding out all about each other and held a real birthday party for our new friend ‘Pete the Cat’.

In the Spring Term, our topic was ‘Let’s Explore’. We went on a trip to Woodside Wildlife Park and met this Blue Tongued Skink. We know so much about different animals; we even had guinea pigs and a snake to visit our classroom.

We had a Vet role play area so that we could help to make animals better.   We love all different creatures in Reception. If you visit our classroom you can meet our pet fish!

Now, our topic is ‘Are We Nearly There Yet?’. We started off by learning about lots of different types of transport. Our favourite part of this topic so far has been a trip on the train to Newark. Lots of us had never been on a train before. We’ve been going on pretend train journeys ever since! Now, we’re hoping the weather will be sunny so we can enjoy the holidays part of our topic. We have a café and ice cream shop in our classroom.

Alongside learning through play, we discover how to read and write through phonics with ‘Fred the Frog’ every day. We develop our number skills daily through CLIC Maths and have lots of opportunities to practise talking, getting along and expressing ourselves in lots of different ways.

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