In Reception, our teacher is Mrs Cawthra and Mrs Pinder works with us too. We like to learn through play- this gives us lots of opportunities to develop our social skills and communication. We also work really hard on looking after ourselves and developing our physical skills.


We have an indoor and outdoor classroom and are free to choose which area to play in. We like playing with sand and water and lots of messy things and we like to build with crates and planks outside or blocks and Lego indoors. We enjoy making models, painting and drawing too.


Now we have all settled in, our first topic is, ‘Do you want to be friends?’ We are listening to different stories and playing in different ways to help us learn how to be good friends. We have also started to take part in Read Write Inc phonics sessions each day to help us learn to read and write sounds and start to blend them together to read words. In maths, we are practising our counting skills and learning about different shapes.

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