Staying safe online whilst at home

The below information has been taken from the Lincolnshire Stay Safe Partnership website.


Lincolnshire’s Stay Safe Partnership

Lincolnshire’s Stay Safe Partnership has a range of online/e-safety resources available at for pupils of all ages including resources for staff to use with pupils, training for staff and resources for parents such as the NSPCC Online Safety Pack for parents and the PACE (Parents Against Child Exploitation) free e-learning and information.


During this unprecedented time of school closure and isolation we would like to do our best to support your pupils, parents and yourselves. We are currently creating resources that will be able to be used at home by parents with students, as we feel this safeguarding message is even more important with easy internet access and little else to occupy.

ThinkuKnow will be making weekly resources available for parents. The link below will take you to a guide for parents on how to support their children at home, with the weekly activities being accessible down the right hand side of the page:


Help and resources


We just wanted to make you aware that we have added a new element to our Stay Safe Directory called Advice for Parents and Carers the link is below:

As the days go on we will be adding Online Safety Resources and activities for both Primary and Secondary Students. We will also be adding a range of factsheets aimed at educating parents on the latest apps, privacy techniques, places to get support to help them to keep their children and young people safe.

We are working with our partnership agencies to add more factsheets and activities around other issues such as Healthy Relationships and Alcohol and Drug Awareness. We hope to highlight to parents information and activities that are already available for them to use, while also adding accessible and quick activities we have created ourselves to start conversations around safety at home.

It is our hope that by keeping this information in one easy to use directory, as we do with our school courses and information, parents will find this useful and accessible in educating their children and young people to stay safe during this unprecedented time.

Talking with children about school closures

With school closures now in place, this could be a stressful and upsetting time for children. The websites below offer useful advice and resources to support children during this uncertain and difficult time.

Coronavirus Social Social

KS1- Years 1 and 2

EYFS- Nursery and Reception

Free School Closure Resources



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