Year 4

In year 4, we are taught by Miss Witton. We are a class of 32 children (12 girls and 20 boys). Miss Wilson and Mrs Moore work with us too.


We have already had our transition day, where we discussed our rights and responsibilities as Year 4’s, and we are all going to try our best to fulfil them. We have individual class jobs each week so we can help Miss Witton to keep our classroom organised and tidy.


We like to learn about a wide range of subjects. We particularly like using technology, being creative and working in teams.


Our first topic is ‘What’s on the Menu?’ where we will be exploring the process of food to fork in different countries around the world. We are looking forward to sampling different types of cuisine the most.

We have already started looking at our topic by talking about the food that best describes us. We used descriptions like ice cream sundaes, chillies and happy meals to explain the variety of personalities we have in our class.


During our Learning to Learn Week, we worked really well as a team to create a fantastic new Beastly Brilliance display and a class charter for our classroom. We discovered how we can develop a growth mindset so that when we are challenged or finding something tricky, we have the tools to stay motivated and determined. Our workshop with ‘Positively Mad’ taught us new strategies to learn lots of information in one go by making up funny stories or mind maps.


We are really excited to be in Year 4 and are looking forward to our year ahead.















During our ‘Terrible Tudors’ topic we had a Tudor banquet where we learnt about the foods that they ate, what it was like to live in the Tudor times and we were able to wear Tudor clothing.

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