Year 6

We are Year 6 children and our class teacher is Mrs Garland; Miss Wilson also works with us too.

Our topics this year have been really exciting and engaging including “Innovative Inventions”, “World War II” and “The Holiday Show.” We link all of our learning to our topic and have trips and visitors in each term. Each topic starts with a “wow day” and each ends with a “wonder day” where we showcase all our learning and our amazing homework projects.

During our “Innovative Inventions”, we made our own inventions using a scrapheap challenge idea and even had a local guest speaker, who was on Robot Wars, come in to talk to us. We were even lucky enough to have some steam punk visitors come in and talk about their incredible outfits. They then spent a morning with us creating some hats in a steam punk style.

During our “World War II” topic, we had a very emotional journey learning all about the holocaust and evacuees as well as rationing and women’s roles in the war. We even created

our own displays. We visited the Holocaust centre near Newark and listened to a fascinating speaker, who was a real life Jewish boy in the war who went on the run. Our Bishop’s visitor also came in to talk to us as she lived through the war in our local area and told us some amazing, and quite scary, stories about local places being bombed.


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